Our paper will appear in IEEE SAS 2020

The following paper will appear in IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium (IEEE SAS 2020), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 9-11, 2020.

Billy Dawton; Shigemi Ishida; Yuki Hori; Masato Uchino; Yutaka Arakawa; Shigeaki Tagashira; Akira Fukuda

Initial Evaluation of Vehicle Type Identification using Roadside Stereo Microphones Inproceedings

IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium (IEEE SAS 2020), Kuala Lumpur, 2020.


4 workshop papers will appear in IEEE PerCom 2020

The following 4 workshop papers will appear in IEEE PerCom 2020 held in Texas, Austin.

PerHealth 2020

Yuri Tani; Shuichi Fukuda; Yuki Matsuda; Sozo Inoue; Yutaka Arakawa

WorkerSense: Mobile Sensing Platform for Collecting Physiological, Mental, and Environmental State of Office Workers Inproceedings

PerHealth 2020: 5th IEEE PerCom Workshop on Pervasive Health Technologies (PerHealth 2020), 2020.

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WristSense 2020

Shuichi Fukuda; Yuki Matsuda; Yutaka Arakawa; Keiichi Yasumoto; Yuri Tani

Predicting Depression and Anxiety Mood by Wrist-Worn Sleep Sensor Inproceedings

WristSense 2020: 6th Workshop on Sensing Systems and Applications using Wrist Worn Smart Devices (WristSense 2020), 2020.

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EmotionAware 2020

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PerVehicle 2020

Masato Uchino; Billy Dawton; Yuki Hori; Shigemi Ishida; Shigeaki Tagashira; Yutaka Arakawa; Akira Fukuda

Initial Design of Two-Stage Acoustic Vehicle Detection System for High Traffic Roads Inproceedings

PerVehicle 2020: 2nd International Workshop on Pervasive Computing for Vehicular Systems (PerVehicle 2020), 2020.


One presentation in VTC2020-Spring

The following paper is accepted to The 2020 IEEE 91st Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2020-Spring) held in Antwerp, Belgium (2020/5/25-28).

Takahiro Yamamoto; Shigemi Ishida; Ryota Kimoto; Shigeaki Tagashira; Akira Fukuda

Design of BLE 2-Step Separate Channel Fingerprinting Inproceedings

IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2020-Spring), Antwerp, Belgium, 2020.


Two papers are accepted to IEEE SENSORS 2019

The following two papers were accepted to IEEE SENSORS held in Montreal, Canada (Oct.28-31, 2019).

Ryo Takahashi; Shigemi Ishida; Akira Fukuda; Tomoki Murakami; Shinya Otsuki

DNN-based Outdoor NLOS Human Detection Using IEEE 802.11ac WLAN Signal Inproceedings



Yuito Sugata; Yutaka Arakawa; Keiichi Yasumoto

Battery-less Place Recognition System using Multiple Energy Harvesting Elements Inproceedings


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One paper about sensing in workplaces are published.

Prof. Arakawa wrote a paper about sensing in workplaces.

Yutaka Arakawa

[Invited Paper] Sensing and Changing Human Behavior for Workplace Wellness Journal Article

Journal of Information Processing, 27 , pp. 614-623, 2019.

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our paper was accepted to Computational Intelligence Journal

A behavioral change support system using interactive signage has been accepted by Computational Intelligence.

Zhihua Zhang; Yuta Takahashi; Manato Fujimoto; Yutaka Arakawa; Keiichi Yasumoto

Investigating effects of interactive signage–based stimulation for promoting behavior change Journal Article

Computational Intelligence, 0 (0), 2019.

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